Let's BREAK BREAD is a ASADERO styled controlled open pit and wine barrel charbroil catering service with a very unique rustic style of cooking whole animal proteins, seafoods and vegetables - from appetizer to dessert. All of our chef crafted menus include farm fresh seasonal produce, all natural/hormone and antibiotic free/free-range proteins and wild locally catch seafoods.

Seasoned and marinated ingredients are attached to artisan skewers, manual rotisseries, hanging racks, plancha griddles, paella pans or wine barrels cookers and slowly cooked over controlled hardwood lump charcoal fire. The cooking console is erected onsite customized to accommodate the festivities' need. Our pits are of a unique design sure to impress your guests and quite a sight to see.

The asardero technique insures all animal proteins are basted in their own natural juices as the skin is allowed to naturally crisp while the meat is full of natural beautiful smokey flavour that is fork tender. We specialize in whole or half animals roasting as well as whole chickens, lobsters, game birds, steaks, veggies, baked potatoes, appetizers, sides and dessert.

If you are having a gathering and want to add the ultimate in exciting "foodie" dining then allow us to "fire up the party" for a truly special day.




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